Hollywood smile and Braces

Iran, a unique destination in the field of Hollywood smile and Brace

Hollywood smile and Braces

Dental braces in Iran

A beautiful smile plays an important and effective role in our relationships in society and increases our self-confidence. In recent years, dentistry, like other branches of medicine, has developed a lot. These days, we  observe that dentistry is no longer limited to traditional treatments such as filling and extraction of teeth so new treatments have been added to it, which lead to amazing results in people’s life’s.


Many years ago, we could only observe the beautiful smile, the white teeth on the TV or in the cinema movies in the faces of our favorite actors or actresses. That’s why we thought a beautiful smile was an unattainable dream. But development of science and technology has allowed us to achieve our dream and experience the bright and white smile like actors and actresses. However, we should know that Hollywood smile is not limited to dental treatments, but it includes all the procedures that are performed on the teeth, mouth and jaw. The type and quality of Hollywood smiles are various from person to person or between men and women. Therefore, patients should perform all necessary evaluations for their teeth to achieve this important goal.

Hollywood smile and Braces

In general, we can divide the common treatment measures for Hollywood smile into several types:

  • Orthodontic Teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implants
  • Teeth filling
  • Dentures
  • Gum, Oral and maxillofacial treatments and surgery
  • Laser teeth beauty

How can we have a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile is a regular, shiny and healthy smile that can be created in different ways.

But according my circumstances, which method is more appropriate for me?

First of all, you should visit an experienced dentist so that the dentist can examine your teeth very carefully. Because by this way the doctor can find out all the problems in your mouth and teeth that have led to an unpleasant appearance and correctly diagnose what is your main problem? How should you treat it? If you have irregular teeth, your doctor may advice orthodontics.

Hollywood smile and Braces

 What is Braces cosmetic surgery?

Braces include all the methods that improve the order of the teeth and correct the abnormalities of the jaws. In other words, orthodontics is an orthopedic surgery that treats all jaw problems due to irregular teeth, disproportionate relationships of the jaws (upper and lower jaws) or both.

Types of Braces

All types of brace are named based on the type and material of them. Therefore, we can mention that the cosmetic orthodontic surgery is divided into four parts:

  • Metal Braces: In this type, the material of orthodontic brace is completely made of metal materials. This type is called as the cheapest, most common and most effective treatment method.
  • Ceramic Braces: This type of orthodontics is made of light colored ceramics and light colored metal wires. This type of orthodontics is very expensive and must clean carefully to prevent discoloration.
  • Internal Braces: Most young people, especially girls, prefer this type because as its name shows, orthodontic brace disappears completely behind the teeth and inside the mouth and does not appear on the teeth, but High costs, difficult cleaning and long treatment duration are some of its disadvantages.
  • Transparent orthodontics: In this type of orthodontics, the patient uses transparent braces that are made for him and he has to change them every two weeks. The patient should use approximately 18-30 different molds every two weeks to vary the distance between the teeth.

How long orthodontics should be used?

We cannot determine the exact time for orthodontics. The exact answer to this question depends on several different factors such as age, type of orthodontics, the amount and area of ​​the distance between the teeth, and the amount of postoperative care by the patient.

Hollywood smile and Braces

 Orthodontic care after orthodontic cosmetic surgery

We must pay attention to postoperative care after the surgery that we mention to most important of them:

  • Avoid solid foods such as candy, popcorn, and chewing gum
  • Avoid soft drinks, sweets and sugars that directly damage tooth enamel
  • Use a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste to clean your teeth
  • Visit a dentist at least twice a year.

Why Iran is an ideal destination for orthodontic cosmetic surgery?

Iran is an ideal and unique country for the treatment of diseases and dental problems, especially orthodontics, because Iran has the best technologies, dental clinics and experienced doctors and can provide the best services to patients at a reasonable price, in while the treatment of dental diseases, especially cosmetic procedures, is very expensive in other countries.

As some patients in neighborhood countries and European countries cannot treat their oral and dental problems and diseases due to the high cost. Meanwhile, Iran provides a great opportunity for the patients of the countries from all over the world to perform cosmetic treatment procedures at a cheap and affordable price and to visit cultural heritage and tourist cities of Iran.

Hollywood Smile cost in Iran at TebMedTourism company

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Dental Implant

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