The Chances of Successful IVF Pregnancy

successful ivf pregnancy :Be optimistic but realistic! This quote by Joe Girard should be on your head when your fertility specialist advises welcoming your new babe via IVF: “If the elevator to success is out of order, You’ll have to use stairs, one step at a time.”

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a complicated and pricy treatment, but fortunately, with a high success rate. To increase the rate of a successful IVF pregnancy, considering all effecting factors is necessary.

Sometimes due to your age, the elevator to successful IVF for the first cycle and second doesn’t work, but you should not be disappointed; back-to-back IVF cycles will help you to experience a successful conception.

Type of Fertility Issue – Certain fertility disorders, such as fibroids, ovarian malfunction, and the length of time the couple has had infertility, reduce the likelihood of success with IVF. However, IVF can effectively address a wide range of reproductive problems.

TebMedTourism, by considering all impressing factors that cause the fluctuating rate of successful IVF pregnancy, will answer all your questions in this comprehensive article. To avoid hesitation to go through IVF treatment or not and make the best decision, reading this post will be very enlightening.

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Factors affecting IVF success rates

IVF success rate depends on a number of variables, some of which you have little control over and some of which can be improved by making healthy lifestyle changes. Following is a detailed description of the contributing aspects that could affect IVF success rate.

IVF Success Rates by Age

According to the latest data, IVF 2022, luckily, IVF treatment is generally successful, especially for women that their age is under 35, but increasing the age of women, reciprocally will decrease the percentage of successful IVF pregnancy.

  • For women under 35, the overall IVF success rate and live birth is 54.5%.
  • For women between 38-40, the percentage of successful IVF pregnancy is 26%.
  • For women 41 and 42, the IVF success rate and live birth is 13.8%.
  • For women more than 43 and up, the IVF success rate is roughly 4.2%.

But you should not have been frustrated due to such disappointing data. Fortunately, there is a miracle method called egg donation. In this way a woman up 40 years old uses a donor egg, the success percentage of IVF will not be influenced by the woman’s age to a great extent.

Therefore, if the couple’s age is so important and effectively influences the rate of successful IVF pregnancy, an important question arises: Why is IVF less successful with age?

Why IVF success decreases with age?

“Is it possible to get pregnant naturally at 40?” The answer of this question is not simple!

The likelihood of becoming pregnant within a year at this age is 44%. This is because as the woman ages, the number of eggs in her ovaries decreases, and unfortunately, she is more likely to get diseases that harm her fertility as she becomes older.

On the other hand, woman’s egg supply will be down to roughly 18,000 by the time she turns 40 (3% of her pre-birth egg supply), so it assumes this is good news! What’s the problem? The answer is the quality of the eggs.

The quality of the egg plays a crucial role in the quality of the embryo, and the quality of the embryo plays a vital role in the percentage of live birth!

As a result of the sequential arrangement of the above elements: egg quality, embryo quality and live birth, the suggestion package to women that want to welcome their new babe after 42 is IVF with egg donation.


IVF age limit

According to the previously mentioned data, some countries have some considerations for accepting patients for IVF procedures.

Based on recent data, the IVF age limit in Some countries is listed as follows:

  • IVF age limit in turkey is 46
  • IVF age limit in India (preferred) is 50-51
  • IVF age limit in Spain is 50
  • IVF age limit in Ukraine (preferred) is 50-51
  • IVF age limit in Czech is 48 years+ 364 days
  • IVF age limit in North Cyprus is 58
  • IVF age limit in Russia is 51

Of course, in there are some exceptions in all countries, and some clinics may accept patients up to the determined ages!

What is the success rate of IVF on the first try?

In general, women under the age of 35 receive a more effective IVF treatment at the first attempt, and this is because the number of eggs in the ovaries and their quality diminish with age. Egg & sperm quality plays a pivotal role in the chances of IVF success; if either quality isn’t good enough, this may lower the chances of IVF success.

The success rate of IVF varies individually according to the maternal age; While the success rate is well above 40% for the first cycle of IVF, and many have had successful IVF during the first attempt, some may need more IVF cycles. After failing the first cycle of the IVF procedure, patients should trust the physician’s experience and expertise and go on with their treatment.

The types of infertility issues

For the majority of couples dealing with a variety of typical fertility-related issues, IVF is a miracle.

IVF can typically treat issues including endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, low sperm count, motility, and morphology in men and women, but in some infertility cases, there are some considerations and surrogacy or the other reproduction methods will be advised by your fertility specialist.

Who is IVF most successful for?

“Who are the best candidate for IVF?” fortunately, in vitro fertilization treatment will work for those who have been trying to conceive for longer than six months. Women, with their own or donor eggs of all ages, could experience motherhood.

But if the couples are challenged with infertility problems, including fibroids, uterine abnormalities, and ovarian dysfunction, there are more challenging to treat with straightforward IVF and call for additional procedures or donor programs. ICSI, or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (is the most effective treatment for male factor infertility).

Pregnancy history

A successful IVF pregnancy is more likely to occur in a couple that has experienced one successful pregnancy.

If the first child of the family has genetic problem or the couple are anxious about the risk of passing their genetic abnormality to their children, PGD (Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) or PGS trough IVF without any harm to embryo, will help these couples.

Couple’s lifestyle

The likelihood of successful pregnancy is significantly decreased if one smokes excessively. It is better that smokers give up when attempting to conceive or while pregnant.

The intended parents that have plans to undergo IVF treatment should stop drinking alcohol at least three months before the start of the procedure.

Weight is another lifestyle element that affects the rate of IVF successful pregnancy; overweight or underweight women have lower chances of getting pregnant than those with a normal BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI falls within the normal or healthy weight range if it is between 18.5 and 24.9. Your BMI is considered overweight if it is between 25.0 and 29.9, and on the contrary, your BMI is considered obese if it is 30.0 or greater.

The quality of eggs and sperm, which are essential for the success of IVF, is also significantly influenced by nutrition and environmental factors.

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Frozen embryo transfer success rates

Frozen embryo success rates for IVF have been rising year over year and are now on par with fresh embryo success rates. Birth rates are somewhat higher for fresh transfers for women under 35, and they are in equality for women between 35 and 37. But “How many of the frozen embryos survive?”

The lady’s age when the embryos are generated has a significant impact on the likelihood of pregnancy after the embryo transfer. The best chances of IVF successful pregnancy come from procedures using eggs taken from women under the age of 35. Most frozen embryos survive the thawing process, and more than 95% do.


How can I make my embryo transfer more successful?

Embryo Transfer or ET, as one of the most important steps of the IVF procedure, has special considerations for increasing, including:

  • Keep your weight healthy.
  • Optimizing the health of sperm.
  • Take the pressure off.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Consider taking supplemental medications that your fertility doctor prescribed.
  • Ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D.
  • Concentrate on persevering and being patient.

Sometimes the above instructions couldn’t help patients, and the intended parents need injections, medication, etc. At such times, close collaboration with the fertility doctor to get the best result is so necessary and helpful. 3 e1598168270927

Collaborating with fertility doctors

IVF is a complicated and time-consuming procedure, including injections, medications and tests; IVF is not painful but has special considerations.

Some considerations specify the kind of fertility medications that will be utilized, moreover how and when they are given or must be injected by the patient. A significant number of mature oocytes are intended to be produced by FSH (a kind of hormonotherapy that assists in regulating both the ovaries’ egg production and the menstrual cycle) in the hopes that at least one of them has high potential that leads to producing healthy embryo and eventually a successful pregnancy.

The doctor and patient should work together to determine which treatment is most appropriate for the patient. You should speak with your fertility specialist about all your expectations. Precise and detailed consulting will help you make the best decision possible.

How can I make my IVF more successful?

The answer of this question is in your lifestyle and including bellow concerns: increase your chances of IVF success

  1. Check your BMI

All studies in 2022 emphasize this important point that maintaining a healthy weight is vitally crucial in the success rate of fertility and IVF.  one of the upcoming challenges in obese women (with a BMI more than 35) is a problem in precise monitoring of the ovaries during IVF procedure, and it will raise the risk of issues with egg retrievals. So balanced BMI brings you closer to good chances of IVF success.


  1. Test the sperm quality

“Boost sperm quality and increase the chances of IVF success”. This quote is not only a bit of fictional advice but also approved. By consuming multivitamins, having a healthy weight and getting a prescription from fertility doctors, you will be close to your goal and experiencing parenthood.

  1. Check the levels of vitamin D

This vitamin plays an important role in women’s fertility and healthy pregnancy. Having proper levels of vitamin D has a significant effect on increasing fertility. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in the functioning of various body systems. People who are deficient in this vitamin are more prone to heart problems than others.

  1. Avoid stress, smoking and drugs

The first step for decreasing your level of stress is identifying your worries. The consulting appointment that your fertility doctor could set is very helpful. By managing your worries, you can reach incredible goals. Especially avoiding stress could avoid more IVF cycles, avoid extra expenses, and allocate less time!


The destructive effect of smoking, alcohol and drugs on fertility, the health of the embryo, the health of the egg and sperm, general health, etc., were approved many years ago, and every wise person know that avoiding them is so sensible and necessary for approaching great goals!

What foods increase IVF success?

Do you want to increase the chances of IVF successful pregnancy?”, “Does diet affect IVF?” and “How can I increase my IVF success rate naturally?”. The paragraph contains the responses to all of the questions being asked above.

There is an undeniable truth that a healthy diet could increase the chances of successful IVF. The Mediterranean diet is the most famous diet that has the best effect on the success rate of IVF and leads to a successful pregnancy. You can alter the circumstances to your liking and arrive at a joyful conclusion by selecting this diet!

Mediterranean diet will work for women under 35, and the women have an appropriate BMI (Ideal BMI is between 19 and 25 for getting pregnant, naturally or going through an IVF procedure). This diet is not weird! It is so easy and full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and grains!

Some essential elements of successful IVF diets that could affect egg health are focusing on omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil and avocados that only target boosting egg health!

The other kind of diet will target boosting sperm. According to a recent study, 1000 mg of vitamin c for two months exceedingly changes the motility and counts of sperm, so some of these diets are full of vitamin C.

The other practical element that could have a very impressive effect on male and female fertility is vitamin D (It works like Withania somnifera or Indian ginseng for men), which boosts testosterone hormone levels.

According to your infertility issues, your specialist will suggest an appropriate diet.

How long does it take for successful IVF?

IVF is frequently the most incredible method for conceiving a biological child. If you are prepared to build a family or expand it and have exhausted all other reproductive treatments, you should be ready for anything! Because IVF is famous for its time-consuming and pricy treatment.

An embryo is created through an IVF operation in which an egg is fertilized with sperm. The one cycle of IVF takes about 28-31 days. If the intended mother is more than 35 years old, according to the latest data, the chances of IVF successful pregnancy are roughly 55%, and if the first cycle fails, you should try the second cycle.

Subsequently, more IVF cycles will take more time for you. Due to the hormone injections you receive in each cycle, you will confront emotional changes. In some cases, patients with the first failure will be disappointed and give up, but these emotional changes should not stop you from continuing


TebMedTourism advice

IVF is a pricy procedure so it seems that welcoming your new children by going through IVF in abroad is definitely intellectual and economical.

For starting your travel, choosing the best agency is an essential step. TebMedTourism as a skilled and well-known agency in infertility treatment and medical tourism, by considering all above effecting factors with high success rate, promise you a healthy baby and happy life

Wise trust assesses the rates of IVF successful pregnancy in countries around the world! The average success rate of infertility treatment in Iran by TebMedTourism including IVF is 57% due to our last 3 years’ client’s statics which is as high as most modern fertility centers success rate worldwide! So trust us and call our consultants on WhatsApp.


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