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The Chances of Successful IVF Pregnancy

successful ivf pregnancy : Given the high cost of IVF, you’re probably wondering if IVF will work for you. The good news is that IVF is generally successful, especially for women under age 35 and those using donor eggs. For women of all ages, the odds of live birth are between 34 and 42 percent over three cycles.

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IVF Success Factors

Considering in vitro fertilization (IVF)? Then it’s important to learn about IVF success factors that can help or hinder you’re getting pregnant.

IVF Success Factor 1 – Age

Your age and using your own eggs are important success factors to consider. While younger women have higher chances of success, factors that reduce the chances of success include being an older woman with fewer eggs and the lower quality of an older woman’s eggs.

In fact, the live birth success rate for women under 35 who start an IVF cycle is 40 percent. However, women over the age of 42 have a 4 percent success rate.

IVF Success Factor 2 – Previous pregnancy

More IVF success factors to think about include whether or not you were pregnant previously and if it was with the same partner.

If you were pregnant previously with the same partner that’s currently undergoing IVF treatment, there is a greater probability of IVF success. Factors such as a history of recurrent miscarriage or a different partner may reduce the chances of IVF success.

IVF Success Factor 3 – Type of fertility problems

While some male infertility problems(more…) do impact success rate, factors like uterine abnormalities, exposure to DES or fibroid tumors also decrease the likelihood of success with thee treatment.

Very important to know: IVF success factors are dependent on ovulation. Ovarian dysfunction, like high FSH levels which indicate a low ovarian reserve, may reduce the chances of success.  Factors that may lower pregnancy rates and reduce success rate include needing large amounts of ovulation stimulation drugs.

When both partners are infertile with lower chances for success, factors such as the length of time you have been infertile is important to consider. The chances of success decrease with the amount of time a couple has been infertile.

IVF Success Factor 4 – Use of donor eggs

Donor eggs are a significant consideration, especially if you are over 35-40, as there may be a higher rate of IVF success. Factors such as egg quality and age of donor are important. Using donor eggs from younger women may increase the chances of pregnancy for women over 40. 2011 findings show a 55 percent live birth success rate with a fresh donor egg/embryo transfer.successful pregnancy

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IVF Success Factor 5 – Lifestyle habits

Stop smoking if you want to improve your chance of having a baby. In fact, many times the woman is required to stop smoking at least 3 months before starting treatment.

  • Smokers require higher dosages of fertility drugs to stimulate their ovaries
  • Smokers have lower implantation rates than nonsmokers
  • Women who smoke require almost twice as many attempts
  • Women who smoke experience more failed fertilization cycles
  • successful pregnancy

More success factors to mull over include losing weight if you are overweight or obese. Women who are overweight have an increased risk of infertility as well as miscarriage. Overweight women also have less success with fertility treatments than women of normal weight. Underweight women are also at greater risk of having success with IVF. Bottom line: aim to stay within a healthy weight range.

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IVF Success Factor 6 – the Fertility clinic

The center you choose to perform the treatment can greatly affect your success rate. Factors to think about when reviewing the success rate of fertility centers include:

  • The training and experience of the clinic and staff
  • The live birth rate per IVF cycles started
  • The rate of patients pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets or more)
  • The laboratory used by the clinic and the qualifications of their staff
  • The types of patients accepted at the clinic, more specifically their age and fertility problem

Keep in mind that some clinics are more willing to accept patients with a lower chance of success or they may specialize in particular treatments.

successful pregnancy

Know  your IVF success factors as you plan to get pregnant

Remember, just as with any chronic illness, knowledge is power with infertility. The more you learn about specific success factors, the more control you will feel about high-tech treatments that help you get pregnant and start a family.successful pregnancy

IVF Success rate at Individual Clinics

You can look up IVF success rates on individual clinics—and you should—but it’s important to take some of this information with a grain of salt.

For example, a clinic with excellent rates may be turning away couples who have a lower chance of success. Or, they may be transferring a higher number of embryos per treatment cycle, which is risky. It’s also possible that a very small client base can show abnormally high success rates.

Also, make sure you’re comparing their live birth rates and not just their pregnancy rates. Pregnancy success is going to be higher than the live birth rate since it does not account for miscarriage and stillbirth.successful pregnancy

Twins born trough ivf
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