What do you know about IVF drawbacks?

What do you know about IVF drawbacks?

Women with infertility issues generally experience anxiety and depression. When they get these issues together and decide to welcome a new babe via fertility treatments like the IVF process, a  lot of worries and questions like

  • What is the IVF drawback?
  • What are some drawbacks of fertility treatments?
  • What problems can IVF cause?
  • Can IVF damage my body?

will attack their minds and push them to hesitating moments, which can be frustrating!
But nowadays, only new data and investigations can save you from making wrong decisions. The average success rate of infertility treatment in Iran by TebMedTourism, including IVF in Iran, is 57% due to our last three years’ client statics which is as high as most modern fertility centers’ success rate worldwide. So trusting such professional and well-skilled agencies in healthcare, especially infertility treatments, is so intellectual.
On the other hand, you should focus on this pivotal point by trusting to TebMedTourism company and going through the IVF journey; you will achieve two gold goals: experiencing a successful IVF journey in the most affordable place, or other words economic approach that leads to a healthy baby via complicated IVF process in high-tech clinics!
Read this article of TebMedTourism to find clear answers to all your concerns and practical solutions for overcoming IVF drawbacks. Definitely at the end of this post, with a positive and realistic look and weighing all drawbacks and solutions, you can make the best decision!


What is the drawback of IVF?

IVF drawbacks or disadvantages of IVF push back some couples that have infertility issues.

Other couples persist in the most beautiful thing in the world, a healthy baby, and don’t want to bear difficulties.

It is true that IVF is a pricy and complicated procedure with some following drawbacks, and is so time-consuming but instead will give you a healthy baby; with a true guide from a skilled agency, you can overcome all the drawbacks.

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Who can be an IVF candidate?

What problems can IVF cause?

IVF has some disadvantages, like other infertility treatments, but they can be avoided. To learn more about IVF drawbacks, we suggest reading the rest of the article:

  1. OHSS or Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

The IVF process includes many injections and for promoting ovulation, injecting fertility medicines like human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is necessary. These injectable hormones could lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This syndrome makes your ovaries uncomfortable, so painful and swollen; this is a heightened reaction to excessive levels of hormones that may IVF patient experience.

The average duration of IVF drawbacks, which include minor stomach pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, is one week. However, your symptoms may continue for a few weeks if you get pregnant.

OHSS rarely can become more severe, leading to excessive weight gain and breathing difficulties.

Depending on the symptoms, OHSS could change from mild to moderate. In severe cases that include excessive weight gain or more than 1 kg in one day, extreme abdominal ache, clots of blood, breathing difficulty, and a constricted or bulging abdomen, the patient should go to the hospital.


  1. Multiple births

In some people’s opinions, multiple births are one of the most complaining disadvantage of IVF. Based on experience, transferring more than one embryo for implantation into the intended mother’s uterus by a fertility specialist through IVF process raises the risk of having multiple children. This is definitely clear that compared to pregnancies with a single fetus, pregnancies with multiple fetuses have a higher risk of early labor and low birth weight.

Some searches show that the chance of low birth weight and premature delivery in babies born via the IVF process is more than the naturally conceived babies.


  1. Miscarriage

According to the articles, the rate of miscarriage in women who conceive through IVF is equal to that of other women. But there is a special consideration about the IVF process. As age increase, the rate of miscarriage raise up to 25%. The leading cause of IVF drawbacks in these patients is age factor and the body of the woman, not an IVF procedure.


  1. Ectopic pregnancy

One of the major IVF drawbacks after embryo transfer (ET) is Ectopic Pregnancy (EP), or extra-uterine implantation of the embryo. According to reports, the incidence of EP following the IVF process in the stage of embryo transfer is higher than that following natural conception, at about 2-8%.

Most frequently, a fallopian tube, which transmits eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, is the site of an ectopic pregnancy, that tubal pregnancy is the name of this kind of ectopic pregnancy.

Other parts of the body, like the ovary, the lower part of the uterus (cervix) or the abdominal cavity, might occasionally have an ectopic pregnancy.

Surely you will ask, “What is the disadvantage of ectopic pregnancy?” your answer is not so pleasant! Your fallopian tube may become completely detached due to an ectopic pregnancy. The ruptured tube may cause fatal hemorrhage if left untreated.

Anyway, a pregnancy that is ectopic cannot develop properly, the fertilized egg cannot survive, and the expanding tissue may result in a life-threatening hemorrhage.

  1. Cancer

Can IVF cause cancer?

In a comprehensive post on TebMedtourism, we answered all your concerns and questions about this topic but briefly let’s talk about this.

In some early studies, the development of a particular form of ovarian tumor was reported to be associated with the use of certain drugs to accelerate egg growth. However, these findings have since been refuted by more recent research. After IVF, it doesn’t seem to be a noticeably higher risk of ovarian, breast, endometrial, or cervical cancer.

This is essential that you ignore the gossip; all of us know that the high levels of hormones in some injectable and oral medications could be dangerous for the body, but when you choose a well-skilled agency with cooperating professional specialists, you can be easy!

A good specialist will monitor your health and hormone levels; they will observe you in each IVF cycle step and prevent IVF drawbacks!


  1. Birth defects

Regardless of the method of conception, the mother’s age is the leading risk factor for birth abnormalities. In general fertile population, there is a 3-5 percent chance of having a child with a birth defect.

The best estimate of new research states that the birth defect rate may rise about 1% following an IVF cycle, but the truth is that IVF-conceived children are healthy.

“Does IVF increase chances of autism?”, The answer to this question is an absolute no! There isn’t any authentic evidence that shows any relationship between IVF and autism.

So don’t worry, and if you don’t have any history of genetic problems in your family, you can safely, without any anxiety about IVF drawbacks, start your IVF journey. Our extraordinary suggestion is to travel to Iran and go through an IVF journey by the TebMedTourism agency.

The good news for the family with a genetic disorder history is an advanced method called PGD or Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGS. In this method that nowadays is available in all countries that offer fertility treatment services, especially in Iran, the Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or screening is the process of genetic analysis of embryos before implantation and, in some cases, even oocytes before fertilization. PGD/NGS by our agency is offered in high-tech clinics at an affordable price of $6000 for intending parents who are concerned about the health of their unborn child.

  1. Unsuccessful IVF cycle

A common risk of IVF is a failed IVF cycle, which is inversely correlated with the success rate of the first IVF cycle as women’s age increases.

If the first cycle of your IVF process was unsuccessful, would you be expected to give up trying again? Of course not!

The success rate of IVF indeed varies on the age of the mother, and no one can promise that the first IVF cycle will be successful; therefore, many patients will need to have several cycles, but every time there are openings for happiness.

By implementing all the suggestions in our in-depth article on “How to Increase Your Chance of IVF Success?” you can approach your first IVF with success and don’t need to worry about the odds, injections, hormones and your health because of the number of injections. Back-to-back IVF cycles and not giving up, in addition to observing all the points for increasing the chance of successful IVF, can help you to reach the best result, a happy family with a healthy baby!

On the other hand, we are able to offer embryo freezing. You are able to either go ahead with a cycle of IVF and freeze and store the remaining embryos or just go ahead with embryo freezing. There are good options on the table. Don’t give up!

If the first cycle is not successful, you would have a follow-up consultation to discuss what may have caused it and whether we would recommend going ahead with another cycle and how to tailor it to offer you a better chance of success.

If you have embryos frozen and stored with us after your first cycle, you would just need to come back for a frozen embryo transfer.


  1. Pricy treatment with a psychological and emotional toll

It can be a very stressful and emotionally charged process to undergo IVF treatment. It can be physically and emotionally challenging for patients to go through treatment. Watching a loved one go through a stressful situation can be challenging for spouses. Setting your mental health as a top priority is vital for both your physical and mental well-being. The level of stress should be controlled as IVF drawbacks have the least effect on the desired result!

On the other hand, the fear of failing the first cycle and going through more cycles and the prices that the couple should pay for each cycle is the other IVF drawbacks; But the other time, we emphasize that stress managing and considering all do and don’ts of each step of IVF process that your fertility doctor will advise, could give you the success of the first cycle of IVF, a successful pregnancy and at the end a healthy baby. Please be patient and optimistic!

Does IVF cause problems later in life?

“Can IVF cause long term effects?”
In IVF process, there might be long-term effects influence on mothers and babies, and the investigation on both of them is required!
Many IVF mothers are anxious about the long-term side effects of IVF treatment and others about the future of their IVF babe!
The first IVF pregnancy gave birth in the late 1970s. More than 5 million offspring have been born utilizing IVF as an advanced fertility treatment.
There have been some questions regarding whether IVF babies may experience long-term health issues because it is a relatively new procedure and about 40 years is still too early to determine its long term side effects.
Thankfully, the vast majority of studies so far demonstrate that these anxieties are largely unjustified and the IVF babies are healthy, but IVF mothers should pay attention to their diet.
Generally, after Mediterranean diet that is so recommended for IVF mothers, Antioxidant-rich diet after the first step of IVF (that means hormone therapy and IVF injectable medications) will be advised by your specialists.
So a healthy lifestyle during your IVF journey will help your body to erase all bad guys, for more information you can read our article about IVF diet.

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What are risks of IVF?

The bottom line

IVF is a procedure to address infertility and one of the assisted reproductive technology (ART) techniques. It is believed that IVF has a greater rate of success than IUI and other methods of assisted reproductive technology. However, it is a costly and complicated procedure; so, other simpler and more affordable treatments should have been done before considering this technique.

Alongside the benefits that IVF brings to infertile couples, there are some drawbacks and risks associated with this procedure. At first, although there is no maximum age for IVF, the success rate decreases, and pregnancy complications increase with candidate age.

Moreover, it is proved that women who undergo IVF are more prone to multiple pregnancies which can be dangerous both for the mother and babies. Ectopic pregnancy, birth defects, and pelvic infection are among other side effects of IVF procedures.

Children born through IVF may be at higher risk of suffering high blood pressure in adulthood. However, all these side effects and the potential problem cannot be reasons to stop using IVF. By increasing their knowledge and seeking help from the best specialist, infertile couples can manage their stress and possible problems of getting pregnant with IVF.

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