good candidate for Hollywood smile

Who is the best candidate for Hollywood Smile?

Best candidate for Hollywood Smile

At the moment, Hollywood smile is an important issue that most people especially young girls and boys care about it. Hollywood Smile gives them more beauty and more self-confidence and self-esteem. Because of this, we observe that most people choose this cosmetic dentistry procedure and result in crowded dental Clinics.

In other words, these days Hollywood smile became more prevalent incredibly but all people are not good candidates for this surgery and they may not have the necessary criteria for performing Hollywood smile.


Unfortunately, few specialists and dentists violate work and medical ethics so do not mention the truth to their patients because of earning more money. For these reasons, some patients that spend lots of money for this cosmetic procedure could not achieve their goals and expectations and dreams after the procedure and it causes to fell despair and frustration. Therefore first, the prior of any actions, we must find enough and accurate information about the Hollywood smile. Please ask all your questions without any compliment. After that we can make decision about this procedure.

Do we want to perform Hollywood Smile or not? And finally we can achieve the favorable result after the procedure and become satisfy with our smile and appearance.

Am I a good candidate for Hollywood smile?

Actually some patients expect more whited and bright teeth to improve their smile and appearance but which problems are solved by the Hollywood smile? Actually no one can answer to this question except an experienced and honest dentist. But if you don’t have an experienced dentist which has enough time to answer your questions, don’t worry because we are planning to explain these questions accurately.

So we suggest you read this article very carefully.

good candidate for Hollywood smile
  1. If there are some old stains on your teeth surface, they are not suitable and won’t respond positively to old methods of teeth whitening.
  2. If you are suffering from deformed and crooked teeth.
  3. If you have broken teeth.
  4. If you have used lots of antibiotics and other medicines or high fluoride so your teeth color have changed or if you have had large cosmetic fillings on your teeth and their color are different from other teeth color.
  5. If the enamel of your teeth suffers from erosion due to the abundant use of acids.
  6. To cover the spaces between the teeth.
  7. If your teeth is different in shape, size, and length and it leads to make an inconsistent smile.

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Hollywood smile in Iran:

Iran has many experienced specialists and dentists which are performing the cosmetics dentistry procedures every year. They are performing more than 7000 Hollywood smile according to current European standards and with the highest quality in Iran. As Iran is a safe and development country that has best and modern equipment. For these reasons, Iran attracts many foreigners. As we mentioned in prior articles we can achieve Hollywood smile by different methods. The expense of this service is related to the kind of methods are chosen by your dentist but if you perform Hollywood smile in Iran, you can be sure to have the best service and high quality and lowest cost.

good candidate for Hollywood smile

The TebMedTourism Company can help and consult you to achieve Hollywood smile by contributing the best services and lowest costs.

We suggest you to communicate with our consultants if you are planning to perform the cosmetic dentistry service and Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile cost in Iran at TebMedTourism company

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