Cost of Surrogacy

Cost of Surrogacy by the help of agencies or going independent?

Surrogacy is one of the modern and practical ways in infertility treatment giving new hopes to the couples who are suffering from infertility for a long time.
When it comes to treatment, one of the main concerns of couples is the cost of surrogacy and how much it differs with the help of agencies or when it is carried out independently.
By choosing either of the methods, couples can grow their family and have their babies. However, each method has certain pros and cons, which should be considered before making a decision about your surrogacy journey.
Surrogacy is a complicated medical process that needs a team of experienced experts beside you in order to decrease the stress and tension of both surrogate and intended parents and make this process a safe journey.
TebMedTourism as a surrogacy agency located in Iran provides all the required medical, legal, and emotional services during this process, making the whole experience safer and more delightful.
While the cost of surrogacy in a country like the USA is $150,000 to $220,000, TebMedTourism in Iran is the cheapest destination for surrogacy that offers the most affordable cost of service as low as $21,000.

If you are interested to know what services TebMedTourism provides in the surrogacy process, stay with us to the end of this article.

Cost of Surrogacy

First thing that you should know about is that there is no fixed price for the procedure and it has various cost all around the world. For example, an overall budget for US gestational surrogacy is $150,000 to $220,000 and for Canadian gestational surrogacy is $80,000 to $100,000. Of course these amount of money is out of financial budget of so many couples. Here we are going to help you find cheaper countries for doing the process with the approximate affordable costs.



Country 3 times IVF cost Guaranteed result cost
Iran $ 21000 $ 36000
Turkey * $ 25000 $ 40000
Georgia $ 42000 $ 60000
Ukraine $ 44000 $ 60000


Cost of surrogacy in Iran

Among all the countries that are doing international surrogacy all around the world, the best and cheapest countries to perform surrogacy are in Asia.

Iran, is a perfect choice because of its equipped fertility centers, specialized physicians, and low treatment costs for cross-border surrogacy.

Iran is one of the most affordable countries in terms of price for surrogacy. Surrogacy in Iran can be performed at a cost between $21,000 and $36,000 along with guaranteed legal procedure. it is interesting to know that the final cost of surrogacy in Iran is cheaper than the cost of the same procedure in your country with the use of surrogacy insurance.

Cost of surrogacy in Turkey

Surrogacy procedure in Turkey is illegal since last few years. The 282/1 article of the Turkish Civil Code says that the relationship between mother and child is established through birth. This means that surrogate motherhood “has no basis in Turkish law” and that the surrogate mother is the mother.

*Surrogacy in Turkey  is illegal since last few years.

Cost of surrogacy in Georgia

One of the cheapest countries for surrogacy in the world is Georgia. It offers cheap medical procedure and legal protection to the intended parents.

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia ranges from $32,000 to $42,000 on average. Of course different variables and circumstances will affect the price of surrogacy. The full guaranteed surrogacy plan in Georgia costs between $55,000 to $60,000, which is almost 70% lower than the same plan in the USA, although the quality and success rate of infertility treatments such as surrogacy in Georgia are not equal with the quality of infertility treatments in USA or Iran.

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is another secure and cheap country for surrogacy in Europe. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is approximately between $44,000 to $60,000.

Differences in expenses will depend on the surrogacy program you choose. For instance, low-cost programs typically only include one IVF attempt, without an egg donor.

Cost for surrogacy in India

India was also a very popular destination for international surrogacy between 2000 and 2018 and costs were very low compared to countries like the U.S and Canada. However, legislation in Surrogacy Bill form of the 2016 and 2019 bans international surrogacy and it only allows surrogacy for infertile Indian residents.

*Surrogacy in  India is illegal since last few years.


surrogacy cost in iran

Surrogacy Process in Agencies

The services offered by surrogacy agencies make the complicated process of surrogacy significantly easier for both the surrogate and intended parents.

A surrogacy agency with full services like TebMedTourism supports you through the whole surrogacy process; they will guide you from the moment of consultation, screening, matching you with a surrogate, legal contracts, clinic coordination, emotional support, and more to the time that your child is delivered and you safely return home.

With the help of agencies, you will receive step-by-step services from an experienced team of experts including lawyers, social workers, and coordinators which can remove most of the stress that is associated with the surrogacy process.

What services do surrogacy agency cover?

There could be some differences for surrogacy process in different agencies. However, the surrogacy process in agencies typically includes:

  • A complete application process to ensure that all intended parents and surrogates are dedicated and competent.
  • Comprehensive mental and physical screening services to ensure that all parents and intended surrogates are mentally healthy, emotionally stable and physically fine.
  • Personal consultation to help you choose the right surrogacy program for you.
  • Coordination of communication between clinics, lawyers, social workers and all those who may be involved in the surrogacy process.
  • Emotional counseling and support.
  • Post-delivery follow-up and guidance to ensure infants and surrogates are healthy and well after birth.
  • Helping parents return home after childbirth by obtaining a birth certificate and a passport for the child.

TebMedTourism tries to choose the easiest, shortest, and safest surrogacy process for its clients to get them to their desired result, which is having their baby in the least amount of time.

Surrogacy Success Rate in iran

Surrogacy process step by step


 Step one: Consulting with physician and Deciding if surrogacy is the best choice

The first step in each surrogacy procedure is to carefully consider whether there are other options or surrogacy is the best and last choice for you.

Being a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy can be a life-changing decision. It can involve you emotionally and it is a huge commitment for both parties so you have to meet your physician and review the options and be informed about matching process, legal works, insurance details, surrogacy cost, etc. You seriously need to consider pros and cons of this routine and finalize your decision. If you are still uncertain about it, you can ask a surrogacy agency for more information.

Step two: Finding donors and Surrogate matching

Once you have decided that surrogacy is the right choice for you, you need to draw an outline for your plans in surrogacy process and consider several factors to make decisions based on your situation. These are the most important considerations in this process:

  • Choosing your type of surrogacy (gestational or traditional)
  • Deciding whether you need donor(s) or not
  • Choose surrogate mother
  • Deciding if you need a surrogacy agency to help you throughout the whole journey or you want to do it independently.
  • If you need an agency, which one would be the best?


After choosing the type of surrogacy, selecting a donor is the next step for intended couples. This decision could be interesting and important at the same time because the egg or sperm donor will be genetically linked to the future baby. These links go beyond just appearance. They can also have an influence on personality features, potential future health conflicts, etc. In this case, you should not only consider donor’s own genetics but the whole genetics tree running in their families.

When the surrogacy agency identifies the intended parents and the surrogate, the agency presents the profiles and the whole details of both parties for evaluation and to see if there is an interest to match or not. If they are interested, they may get to know each other through phone call, emails or face to face meetings.


Step three:  Going through legal requirements

If everything goes well, they may make it official by drafting initial contracts. Each party will have their own attorney to protect their legal interests.

The lawyers will meet each parties and discuss about all the aspects of the process with them. They will review the contract that has been drafted to make sure it will fulfill your needs. Once the contracts are signed, it is the time for moving on into the next step.


Step four: Surrogacy process: by IVF or ICSI

For IVF process, the male parent (or donor) gives a sperm sample. Also an egg retrieval process happens on the female parent (or donor). It is good to know that these two procedure does not have to occur on the same day because sperm can stay frozen safely for several years.

Then the sperm and egg will be combined in a laboratory so that the embryos are formed. The medical team will let you know how many embryos are mature and have a well growth to be transferred to the womb.

ICSI process is different from the IVF process by this way that the sperm will be injected into each individual egg to skip the stage of natural sperm penetration.


Step five: Transferring the embryo(s) and Starting the pregnancy process

Before transferring the embryo(s), the surrogate will undergo fertility treatments. After creating an embryo, it will be transferred to the uterus. This procedure is simple and the surrogate can go home right after that.

Once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will go under the fertility clinic monitoring. She also starts receiving payments for compensation and monthly allowance. The surrogate and the intended couple share the 9-month of pregnancy and emotional support until the end of the journey.


Step six: Delivery and Saying hello to the newborn!

After the baby is born and the surrogate is discharged from the hospital, they can all go home and start their new lives. By growing their family, they now start feeling the joy of parenthood and plan the whole future together by knowing the huge responsibilities they will have.

On the other side, the surrogate is pleased to give this priceless opportunity to a couple who didn’t really have any hope left to become parents in the beginning.

Can you do surrogacy without an agency?


Can you do surrogacy without an agency?

Doing a surrogacy process without the help of agencies is possible. You can have extended options of potential surrogates among your friends, relative, and candidates who you have found in social media or real life.

You need to be prepared to coordinate all the medical appointments and legal contracts. You can hire an attorney to help you do the legal process but they need to have a comprehensive awareness toward the law of surrogacy in the origin country and destination country. Moreover, you need to handle all the emotional conflicts and unexpected situations by yourself without having the support of an experienced consultant.

However, surrogacy agencies are the best option for intended parents and surrogates to have a safe procedure with the least tension and legal conflicts. The surrogacy agencies develop a well-designed process to make it easy and effective for intended parents through surrogacy and those who want to become surrogate mothers. For most people, this is a better option than following the surrogacy process independently.

Most surrogacy agencies only work with gestational surrogacy when the surrogate is not genetically related to the child she is carrying. If you are looking for traditional surrogacy, you may need to complete surrogacy without a professional program due to the possible risks of traditional surrogacy. However, for those looking for gestational surrogacy, there are plenty of options.

TebMedTourism like other surrogacy companies offers step-by-step support, including:

  • A comprehensive examination of all potential parents and surrogates.
  • Use national awareness programs to find the best match for you.
  • Providing legal and emotional support and guidance every step of the way.
  • Refer you to trusted legal and professional healthcare clinics for steps we cannot take internally.

Cost of Surrogacy without Agency

The cost of surrogacy by the help of agencies is usually higher than doing the surrogacy independently. Although you need to get certain services from the professionals and pay them separately in order to complete your mission. In this way, parents directly work with the surrogate and manage other aspects of the process on their own. Agency fees are about 30% of the total cost that can be saved without agencies.

The most difficult part of doing the surrogacy process independently is finding a qualified surrogate and coordinating all the medical and legal issues. Therefore, the agency fees are justified regarding the services that they provide.

Through TebMeTourism, you can receive the surrogacy service way cheaper than doing it independently in your own country.

With the help of TebMeTourism, surrogacy services are cheaper, safer, easier , and legally supported.

Pros and Cons of Independent Surrogacy

If you are considering to undergoing an independent surrogacy, you may have more control over the process, and is often more cost-effective than going through an agency.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and your personal condition and comfort level may be the important point for you before making your decision.


  • You will have full control over searching and selecting your surrogate mother.
  • You can choose your surrogate from a wide option of people from your personal and online network of friends.
  • You can proceed at your own pace and pay more attention to your intuition.
  • You will learn the process and you can repeat it again in case you want to grow your family.
  • You can save money by not paying agency fees


  • You should coordinate all the services on your own.
  • It will cause extra frustration and stress for the intended parents.
  • Ba at the risk of an unreliable donor or surrogate.
  • You should manage your surrogate during the pregnancy and delivery.
  • Hiring and paying professionals separately can increase your expenses.
  • You do not have emotional support and counseling.

It should be noted that by receiving the surrogacy services through TebMedTourism , due to the affordability of costs, you would save money more than doing it independently in your own country.

In addition, you would not experience tension and stress about every detail knowing that there is an experienced team of experts beside you guiding you in every step.

Is doing Independent Surrogacy Successful?

Regardless of all the disadvantages of doing surrogacy independently, it can be carried out. Independent surrogacy needs the accessibility of the intended parents for the surrogate if a problem arises. Therefore, for international parents, this type of surrogacy may not be a good option. You should prepare yourself for arranging all the medical and legal requirements and deal with all the possible issues and unexpected problems.

Nevertheless, you are the one who decides to choose to go down the path of surrogacy alone or get the help of an agency that has years of experience in this field. Although both ways are great ways for having your baby and growing your family, you should decide to choose the way that best fits your family. However, due to the sensitivity of this process, we as an experienced activist in this field seriously

Recommend you to get the help of a professional agency like TebMedTourism to handle the whole procedure for you from A to Z.
We even offer packages with warranty that ensures delivering your baby regardless of the number of IVF cycles or embryo transfer.
To get more information and consult with our doctors, feel free to contact us through WhatsApp all through the week.

If you need more information on this topic and want to consult, contact us NOW.

The consultant medical doctors of TebMedTourism Co. are at your service for free.

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