Will IVF ever work for me?

There is a common concern among those who want to proceed with their treatment using IVF: Will IVF ever work for me? Due to the energy, time, and cost that would be spent, a failed IVF can feel devastating and depressing for a couple. You may have tried IVF multiple times and it seems to you that it is not working. What should you do? Should you keep trying? If I want to give a short answer to this question, it would be “yes”. The fact is IVF is a complex process that needs lots of variables to be ideal for leading to a successful pregnancy and a healthy delivery. Because of this, there is typically a need for undergoing more than one IVF cycle to be successful.

When an IVF cycle fails, your doctor will evaluate all the variables affecting the process including the egg and sperm quality, the number of them, implantation issues, chromosomal disorders, etc. then make necessary changes to optimize your success chance during the next round. It is ok to have a failed round of IVF. Don’t give up and keep going because according to one study, it takes about 3 cycles of IVF on average to get pregnant.
In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most effective types of assisted reproductive technologies helping infertility treatment. It gives couples this opportunity to expand their families and have offspring. IVF process can be used along with other assisted reproductive technologies like PGD/PGS that let the embryologist choose the healthiest embryos with the preferred sex if it is requested.

According to the last available data in 2016, more than 75 thousand babies were born in the US by the use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This number can give hope to those who are seeking to have a baby because it shows that IVF can work for many couples. The IVF process is a practical one and its success rate is high. However, there is no guarantee that IVF works for everyone. It is a painful fact that sometimes after spending a lot of time and money, it still does not work.

No matter where you are looking for this fertility treatment, there is always a chance for IVF failure. This is because each case of infertility has its own challenges and cases are not similar. Therefore, the likelihood of IVF success for you is not similar to the likelihood of IVF success for your friend. We should consider the factors affecting the patient’s fertility to be able to predict the IVF success rate. You should know that as fertility treatment technology is progressing, physicians know more and more about how to optimize the various factors leading to IVF success.

TebMedTourism’s team of fertility physicians including gynecologists, urologists, and embryologists will analyze patients’ medical records and their existing physical conditions to determine the best medical plan for them. In this article, we are going to discuss who can experience success in IVF and the reasons behind IVF failure.

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Who Does IVF Work for?

It is a good idea to look at the IVF pregnancy rates of the other women who are at your age to estimate your own chances of IVF success. The data between 2014 and 2016 showed the IVF success rate by age.

Women who are 35 or younger: 29 percent

Women who are 35 to 37: 23 percent

Women who are 38 to 40: 15 percent

Women who are 40 to 42:  9 percent

Women who are 43 to 44:  3 percent

Women who are over 44: 2 percent

The given data shows that IVF is not used for only younger women. Women of all ages can have IVF success although their chances will be decreased in the old ages.Some conditions that may interfere with IVF success include fibroid tumors, ovarian dysfunction, abnormal hormone levels, and uterine abnormalities. These issues may cause lower rates of pregnancy with IVF in some cases. The success rate of IVF can also vary among different clinics. So you should keep in mind to choose a clinic with a high rate of live birth to increase the Chances of Successful IVF Pregnancy. You can contact our counselors to set up an appointment with our fertility specialists to determine if you are a good candidate for IVF.


Will IVF eventually work?

Although in vitro fertilization might be a stressful process for couples, IVF can usually work better with time. A history of previous patients shows that several rounds of IVF might be needed before pregnancy happens. The pregnancy success rate is highly dependent on the woman’s age, the quality of the eggs, the quality of sperm, and many other factors. On average, about 37 percent of assisted reproductive cycles will lead to living births for women under 35 and the success rate would decrease as women get older. In some cases, pregnancy happens but unfortunately ends in miscarriage.
One of the benefits of IVF is to have multiple healthy embryos to choose from. Your embryologist can choose the best-quality embryos to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant and giving birth. You can even choose your desired gender of embryos and have a baby with your preferred sex. Nevertheless, one of the problems which make the IVF process harder is IVF cost which is typically an expensive treatment. However, TebMedToursim has solved this problem. Our affordable costs can make IVF a reachable treatment for couples with any budget (cheapest country for ivf ).Although the IVF process is somehow scary and emotionally demanding, it is eventually worth it to have the family that you have been waiting for. Once your baby is born, after all the years of making effort, all the expenses, and the emotional stress seem to fade away.

Choose the Optimal Clinic

Once you decide to choose IVF treatment for having a kid, you should start searching for an optimal IVF clinic. For finding the most proper IVF clinic, you should ask some questions about the clinic. One of the important questions is about fertility doctors and if they are board-certified. You should make sure that they have enough experience and expertise doing in vitro fertilization process.
Another important point that you should consider is the availability of other assisted reproductive technologies that could add to IVF and lead to the desired result. In some cases, couples do not get a result when using their own gametes. Having access to egg donation, embryo donation, PGS, gender selection, surrogacy, ICSI, etc. will ease the IVF process which TebMedTourism has legally provided the possibility of using them.
Testing is another important factor that should be considered before you make up your mind about a clinic. Do they offer pre-genetic testing? This test is usually done before starting the process and aims to report whether you and your partner carry any genetic mutations. Preimplantation genetic screening or PGS will test your embryos for the number of chromosomes and whether there are chromosomal abnormalities. This way, doctors can choose the best embryos and transfer them wisely.
When you choose a clinic, that in most cases treats patients who are at your age having your specific fertility problem, it can somehow give you a sense of relief by knowing that IVF may work for you just like the other successful cases. Once you leave your IVF process to TebMedTourism, we will arrange your visit with the best fertility physicians in the most equipped IVF centers. Our doctors always find the best type of treatment for each case that lead to having a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery in the shortest time span.

Your chances may rise with multiple cycles


You should know that statistics given above are for one IVF attempt. If you want to get the best possible result during the IVF process, you had better be persistent because the success odds can go higher with multiple IVF cycles.

 By investigating 157 thousand women with the average age of 35 in the year 2015, they found the chance of getting pregnant around 29.5 percent on the women’s first IVF attempt. However, the cumulative success rate increased to 68% after trying six cycles.

Another study in the Medical Journal of Australia showed similar increase. About 11% of women between 40-44 got pregnant in their first IVF cycle, but after their eighth attempt, the cumulative success rate reached to a nearly 39.9%. the highest success rate was for the women under the age of 30 who showed about 92.8% success rate by the seventh attempt.

However, going through multiple IVF cycles can be financially difficult for many couples. In order to manage the costs, you can consider undergoing the process in more affordable countries. Iran can be one of your best options where IVF process is done by the highest quality while having the most affordable costs. For getting more information about the prices in details, consult with our experts through WhatsApp number +98 912 098 5010 or fill out our online communication forms.

Impacts of Fertility issue on the IVF process


It is totally common to have some worries about your health issues and their effects on the IVF process. There are some filters on the predictor tools about your health, which by choosing them you can get a picture of your probable success rate in IVF cycles. Tubal issue, uterine issue, ovulatory dysfunction, endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve, male fertility issue and multiple male and female issues or unknown factors can be mentioned as the health issues affecting the IVF process.Therefore, the IVF success rate is not the same for all couples since every couple’s medical problem is different from the others.

Twins born trough ivf

Some Recommendations for those who Experienced a Failed IVF

When an IVF cycle fails, it can be a devastating experience for you and your partner. You have been through physical and emotional pressure during the process and now you might feel lost and disappointed. But you should not give up early because you might be successful on another attempt. What can you do to deal with the negative feeling after the IVF failure? There are some recommendations in the following.
• Find yourself an emotional support source among your family, friends, therapist, or even a fertility counselor.
• As soon as you get better and feel ready, review your previous IVF cycle with your fertility physician in order to find out what might go wrong.
• Have a plan for your next steps and how you can do better in your future cycles.
• Try donor eggs. For women who have inadequate or non-viable eggs, using donor eggs may be a good option because donors are screened and healthy.
• Surrogacy could be another useful option for those who cannot carry a fetus in their own uterus. It should be noted that a gestational surrogate is not genetically related to the fetus. The surrogate is just the carrier of the baby and you and your partner (or a gamete donor) are the biological parents.
• Consult with your doctor about your previous IVF failures and discuss the proper attempt.
• Don’t give up! Once you understand what is right for you, go for it and try to work it out if you want IVF ever work for you.


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