the baby look like the surrogate mother

Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?

The intended parents often worry about the appearance of the child and they consider who the baby looks like, the surrogate mother or the intended parents.

Of course, this is normal that they consider these questions. But, if you have enough knowledge and information about surrogacy treatment and its types, you can find correct answers.

If you don’t have enough information, don’t worry at all, you can get more information about surrogacy treatment by reading the following articles:

the baby look like the surrogate mother?

If you are considering surrogacy as a way of having children, you probably wonder if your baby looks like your surrogate. The answer to this question depends on the type of surrogacy that you are going through. In traditional surrogacy, the baby is conceived using the surrogate’s eggs and the father’s sperm. As the result, the surrogate will share DNA and your baby will bear resemblance to the surrogate mother as well as the father.

In gestational surrogacy, the intended parents share their gametes. In fact, only the two people who contribute the egg and sperm for creating the embryo will bear a resemblance with the baby. If an egg donor or sperm donor were used to make the embryo, the baby will bear resemblance to the donor too. In another word, the contribution of the egg and sperm can influence the baby’s appearance, not the uterus that carries the baby; thus, the surrogate kids look like their parents.

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Does a baby get DNA from a surrogate mother?

As a prospective parent, you might wonder how much a surrogate mother’s DNA is shared with the baby. Genetic relationships can always affect on moral and physical characteristics of the baby. The child inherits the moral and physical characteristics of someone whose sperm and egg belong to them.

The DNA of a baby is only inherited from the providers of egg and sperm, not the surrogate mother. It means that if gestational surrogacy is done and the surrogate is merely the carrier of the fetus, then the baby is biologically related only to the parents and does not get the surrogate’s DNA. The baby will not even share blood with the surrogate either as the nutrients and oxygen are transferred through the placenta. The surrogate acts like a host who only grows the baby in her uterus for nine months of pregnancy. Therefore, there is no genetic relationship between the surrogate mother and the baby and the baby only shares DNA with the parents or donors who provided the egg and sperm.

Does a baby get DNA from a surrogate mother

However, in traditional surrogacy, since the surrogate contributes her own eggs to be fertilized with the father’s sperm, the baby will share DNA with the surrogate. Overall, if someone asks, “Who is the biological mother of a surrogate child?” the answer would be the woman who provides the egg_ whether she is the prospective mother, the surrogate, or an egg donor.

Knowing the truth behind the surrogacy process can help surrogates and intended parents feel more confident about this journey and solve misunderstandings when they want to make a decision and proceed with surrogacy.

Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?

Blood Relationships

This is true that the child and the surrogate mother are related to each other by the umbilical cord to provide oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the child.

But, it does not mean there is a blood group relationship between the child and the surrogate mother.

So we observe many surrogate mothers who have different blood group than the baby.

We also just consider the relationships between the child and the surrogate mother’s blood group depending on different types of surrogacy.

In most cases, the surrogate mother just carries the child during pregnancy period so the blood group is not shared to the child.

What happens if a surrogate decides to keep the baby?

Overall, the answer to this question is no. Before starting the surrogacy process, the surrogate mother must sign legal contracts and documents that require her to hand the baby over to the intended parents after delivery and confirms that she will not have any maternal rights over the baby. Since surrogacy is a sensitive process, the importance of a professional surrogacy agency gets clearer. TebMedTourism with the experience of many surrogacy cases facilitates this process and makes sure that no legal issues would happen for both parties.

In a notary, we sign a legal contract with the surrogate that oblige her and her husband (if the surrogate is married) to be committed to the terms of the contract. They should have a comfortable living environment and a healthy lifestyle and take care of the fetus until the baby is born.

The surrogate should hand her ID card over to the agency until the baby is born and delivered to the legal parents. In addition, the surrogate is required to provide a check or a promissory note as a guarantee of delivering the child to the parents (the promissory note will be returned to her after the delivery). In TebMedTourism, we provide compensated surrogacy that is approved legally and religiously. According to the contract, most of the surrogate’s compensation will be paid after the delivery of the baby and seeing the result of the DNA test (which clarifies the paternal and maternal genes of the newborn); therefore, since the surrogate is undergoing the process for the promised fee, the risk of this process is almost zero.

According to Iran’s surrogacy law, the surrogate will not see the newborn after the delivery, therefore the emotional attachment to the baby will be prevented. TebMedTourism as the facilitator and mediator of this process will handle the interactions between the surrogate and parents so that the two parties may not even need to see each other face to face and they can keep their privacy.

Overall, it can be concluded that the risk of having a surrogate who out of a sudden changes her mind and wants to keep your baby does not exist due to the legal contracts and guarantees that are taken from the surrogates before starting the procedure. As a result, you can start the surrogacy journey with peace of mind and only focus on the arrival of your newborn. TebMedTourism is beside you all through your surrogacy journey and ensures everything will happen in its best way to fulfill your dream of having a baby. For getting more information about this process, contact us now through WhatsApp.

Short Questions and Answers


How much DNA does a surrogate mother share with the baby?

It depends. If it is the gestational type of surrogacy, the surrogate does not share DNA with the baby. However, in traditional surrogacy, since the surrogate provides the egg, her DNA will be shared with the baby.


Do surrogate kids look like their parents?

If the kids are made through the fertilization of their parent’s egg and sperm, they are biologically the couple’s offspring and they look like them. However, if a donor egg or sperm is used, the baby will partially look like the donor and the other parent who shared the gamete.


Who is the biological mother of a surrogate child?

The biological mother of a surrogate child is the woman who provided the egg, whether she is the intended mother or an egg donor.


Can your baby look like your surrogate?

A baby will not look like the surrogate just because the fetus is growing inside the surrogate’s uterus. Nevertheless, in traditional surrogacy, when the surrogate provides the egg to be fertilized with sperm, the baby will bear resemblance to the surrogate.

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Will the baby look like the surrogate mother?

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