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I am writing this mail to express my heartfelt gratitude for the pre and post tour assistance that we received from your organization during all my medical visits. There are numerous hospitals and medical centers in Iran and for us, it becomes quite difficult at times to choose the right one. I genuinely believe that my wife received the right treatment due to proper orientation and guidance are given by tebmedtourism company. Also, the assistance we received regarding travel, treatment, paying bills and accommodation was really commendable. Without your assistance, I don’t think our medical tour would have been as successful as it is. I am sure that ours will be a long-lasting relationship and expect the same from you. Keep it up, guys. Best regards.
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Ella Doreen
I must say that Tebmedtourism services are satisfying. The team offered me all the necessary information and also provided me with the best medical treatment in Iran. Upon our arrival in Iran, they had arranged transfer to a nice hotel. The doctor who looked after my case was nice in his approach and very professional. Post-treatment, I also enjoyed a great vacation in the country; Tebmedtourism travel experts made the entire arrangement and it was really fabulous.
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Charlotte Grace
I was given adequate information about the entire treatment procedure by the medical travel professionals of Tebmedtourism which really helped me in taking up the decision. The timely and responsible delivery of work by all the professionals made me enjoy a hassle-free treatment in Iran. The hospital where my treatment was done truly mount to my expectation. Tebmedtourism turns their every promise to reality with their matchless service. It is because of you that we got the happiness of being parents. God bless you always.
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Nahla Sabah
Hotel is so cost-effective to the medical tour personnel and I enjoy it most of my time during the stay. Hospital staff’s level of professionalism in handling patients is unquestionable. We had all that was required to complete our medical issues on time. The doctor is good and up to his job as professional personnel. Hospital is of a good standard and a place that can be recommended for further patients wanting to come to Iran. Facilities and services of the hospital have met all the international standards of the medical services. Medical Tourism Team was right to my expectation and sufficient of the facilitation accorded. All went well and I believe you have done a perfect job for me and my wife.
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Sada Haddad
The doctor did well, he was helpful and am satisfied with my procedure. Ambience of the hospital was fantastic. I am grateful for the Help and I would recommend Medical Tourism team to anyone who is going in for any medical reason. I am Just 21 and I felt like I was all grown up to make a trip to Iran and Back on my own. Thanks to the entire team in particular. I am most grateful for this Team, they did all they had to do to make my trip a successful one and it was. Keep doing great Job Tebmedtourism Team.
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Ameerah Fahdani
I came to Iran and I was treated by TebMedTourism and they were very professional. I suggest that you first talk to the company if you intend to do anything in Iran.
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Petro Mechnikov
1.I am very satisfied with all the arrangement made. Everything was taken care of. 2.HOTEL: The reservation made before my arrival. 3.Hospital assistance: The hospital assistance was really excellent. All in all I am dam satisfied with the kind of service that I received from Tebmedtourism Iran.
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Badrieh Mohanna
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