the Best ICSI Clinic in the World

Beyond borders: The search for the best ICSI clinic in the world

No furthur Looking for the best ICSI clinic. You deserve the best available care and treatment, and TebMedTourism is here to help you discover it. We will assist you in your quest for the best clinic, giving you the information to make an informed decision.
With our assistance, you can be confident that you will receive excellent care from a recognized and trustworthy facility. Refrain from settling for less than the best regarding your health and well-being. Let us work together to identify the best ICSI clinic for you. Learn more:All about intracytoplasmic sperm injection
To reach our desired destination, we have compiled a list of answers to the following questions in this blog post on TebMedTourism:
• What are top seven factors that turn a clinic into the best ICSI clinic?
• Where is the best ICSI clinic in the world?
• Why do patients choose clinics in USA, London, India, and Spain?
• Why do patients choose Tebmedtourism as the number one ICSI clinic?
• Which ICSI clinic has the highest success rate?
• Can you recommend any ICSI clinics in Asia?
• Is always the best clinic, ICSI clinic near me?

Best ICSI clinic in the world

After doing some research, you could find that the best ICSI clinic in the world is TEBMEDTOURISM. It has a high success rate for ICSI procedures and offers personalized care to its patients. As for a test ICSI clinic, infertile couples have been recommended to check it out in IRAN. They have a team of experienced doctors in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) treatments.
But definitely, more is needed for intelligent people seeking knowledge and real-life success stories, so we write everything you should know before choosing the best ICSI clinic! Because at the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that true knowledge is vital to building trust!

What are top seven factors that turn a clinic into the best ICSI clinic?

Considering expected consequences are so significant, it means it is so wisely that having a special focus on effecting factors. All of them will lead to receiving the highest possible quality care! Here is a providing guidance for choosing ICSI clinics. We will discuss on seven key factors that could help you identify the best ICSI clinic!

1. High success rate

If you want to get the best results, firstly, it is better to check the ICSI success rate! The best ICSI clinic should have the highest ICSI success rate.
But actually, Increasing the ICSI success rate is not easy, especially when it comes to speaking about factors involved like the age of patients, sperm/egg quality, male infertility, frequency of doing IVF and many others! So expecting 100% and guaranteed packages for ICSI is not sensible.
Even the best IVF clinic, TebMedTourism, with a 54% success rate in the IVF+ egg donation process, when it comes to increasing the ICSI success rate, surely will utilize from following techniques! For instance, the TebMedTourism ICSI package includes HA before ET.
If you are curious about these methods, which could wonderfully impact the success rate of ICSI the first time, read the rest of this post!

Increasing ICSI success rates via using innovative techniques & technologies

After many years of using infertility treatments to fulfilling the dreams of infertile couples, ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) methods have been outstanding advances. ICSI is one of them; nowadays, embryologists and fertility specialists know how the auxiliary process could help the ICSI pregnancy success rate.


These days perhaps you frequently hear the name of a technique act as a rejuvenating method, called PRP or platelet-rich plasma, and what’s your idea on the potential impact of PRP injections and pregnancy! What do you think if we say this method works for face and could impact interesting effects on ICSI success rates?!
The good news is this method works for two purposes: first, for women with egg quality problems and second, for women with experiences of failed IVF and miscarriages due to endometrial lining!
To stimulate the women’s body’s natural stem cells to form a possibly thicker endometrial lining and establish a more hospitable environment for the embryo, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is directly injected into the intended mothers’ uterus during this procedure.
You should mention this importane point that PRP is useful for ladies with acceptable ovarian reservation not for a very low ovarian reservation (AMH level).

• HA

Using Hyaluronic Acid or HA before embryo transfer or ET has a miracle role in successful implantation, but “What does Hyaluronic Acid do?” This material which also naturally produces in the body, is responsible for connecting tissues. Therefore, utilizing this material before ET is equal to increasing the chances of successful pregnancy!

• Freezing technology

Suppose you’ re struggling with infertility issues. In that case, you’ve probably heard about frozen eggs or frozen embryos, and you try to guess the means of freezing, “How are embryos frozen and stored?!” Or, might wonder: “How do they freeze embryos without killing them?”
Fortunately, specialists, thanks to cryoprotectants, could freeze samples easily. At the first step in the slow-freezing method, embryos/eggs cool and then put in a cryoprotectant and, after freezing, will be stored in liquid nitrogen at -196.1 degrees Celsius.
They can be safely kept for up to ten years! This option provides hope and peace of mind for those looking to expand their family, even in the distant future.
Keeping up the rest embryos after the ICSI cycle is one of the attractive options of TebMedTourism. This option may have caught a couple’s attention; if you are one of them, it’s worth considering it when seeking the best ICSI clinic!

2. Affordable cost

Now it’s time to speak about something that everyone loves, money! We will ask you which one is preferable and more exciting! A trip to a beautiful country with a professional company, TEBMEDTOURISM, which has the highest ICSI success rate by paying only $3,000 or going abroad for ICSI treatments with more than $12,000 for one cycle.
We know that your choice is the most cost-effective and successful option, but if you want to get more information about the other factors to choose the best ICSI clinic, read the rest paragraphs. Our surprises are far from over!

3. Experienced specialists

An experienced specialist knows that each patient’s needs are unique!
The best clinic will work with an experienced specialist who had been taken the time to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient.
For example, according to AMH tests, going through more IVF cycles with the intended mother eggs is not intellectual! So unfortunately, we see two types of doctors in the world: the best ones that tell the truth and say, dear MS, with your eggs, this is impossible, and ICSI+ egg donation is good for you and in front of this story, we have the ones who lack a conscience suggest more and more IVF cycles to make money giving patients false hopes of success!
So one of your factors in looking for the best ICSI clinic should be seeking clinics that employ a staff of seasoned experts with extensive knowledge and experience in IVF/ICSI treatment.
You can be sure expert physicians and fertility specialists can make a huge difference!

4. Equipped to the high-tech genetic labs PGS/NGS/ PGT-A and karyotyping

The greatest impact on ICSI success rates comes from genetic screening. As a result, choosing the best ICSI clinic will provide you peace of mind regarding the health of your unborn child. Only with the use of equipped tools and training are accurate analyses and interpretations of genetic data possible.
If you ‘re tracking the necessity of genetic tests such as PGD/PGS and others! We should mention that embryologists employ PGD for gender selection and PGT for detecting genetic defects in IVF/ICSI-created embryos, and the journey of genetic testing and when it will be essential is continuing!
The most important thing is to trust the best ICSI clinic that can perform all kinds of genetic tests!

5. Supportive legal rules for surrogacy and egg/sperm/embryo donation

Supportive legislative regulations are essential for surrogacy and egg, sperm, and embryo donation. It guarantees that the procedure is conducted fairly and safely and protects the people involved.
All parties, including the intended parents, the surrogate, and the donor, should be clearly defined in these rules as to their obligations. Along with such topics, they should discuss parental rights, medical care, and compensation. The process of surrogacy and donation can be a wonderful and life-changing event for everyone involved, provided the legal requirements are clear and supportive.
For instance, TebMedTourism, for all parties, has prepared contracts which, during your free consultation, you could request to send PDFs.

6. Big donor database + Fresh eggs

If you have an experience of failed IVF cycle and going through a difficult time due to failing cycles! Or if your fertility doctor, according to the quality of eggs or sperm, suggested an egg donation or ICSI procedure, definitely know the means of a database and a big donor database. You know that you’re not alone!
It is important to stay positive and going to accepting all available options. With an open mind, seek out a trusted and well-known company like TebMedTourism, which has its policy on using fresh eggs vs frozen eggs, based on the statistics! According to statistics, fresh eggs lead to higher ICSI success rates.
It means that only having a big database is not enough for getting the highest success rate, but also taking wise policies is necessary and crucial! Alongside wide egg/sperm donors, using fresh eggs is so helpful in getting the best results!

7. Reviews in the internet (including social media, Youtube, patients experiences and etc.)!

Before making any decisions, it is now customary in the modern world to research the reputation of infertility clinics. People are increasingly turning to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others to read comments and reviews of the clinics they are interested in.
This aids them in making sure the clinic is dependable, competent, and considerate of its patients. Whether the clinic can help them with the legal process associated with using egg, sperm, or embryo donation is another crucial element that individuals think about.
They also seek out clinics with strong negotiating skills so they can acquire the best potential deal. Choosing a clinic with a high reputation requires extensive investigation.
If you’re curious how people could find such a particular company and share their precious moments with their baby, like this lovely Indian couple, you could google the name of our company, TebMedTourism!

Where is the best ICSI clinic in the world?


If we want to start a discussion on the best ICSI clinics, by googling this keyword, we will get to the following names, which are ordered country by country:
1. TebMedTourism (Iran)
2. Overlake Reproductive Health IVF clinic (USA)
3. Zita West Clinic (London)
4. Nova IVF Centre (India)
5. Reproclinic (Spain)
6. Repromeda Clinic (Czech Republic)
In the rest of the article, we will discuss important factors in global patients’ opinions!

Why do patients choose clinics in USA, London, India, and Spain?

There are many ICSI clinics in the world, but according to research following characteristics in IVF / ICSI clinics pushed patients to choose these infertility centers:

• Providing genetic tests
• Doctors with vast experience (in treating people with infertility issues)
• No waiting list equals no waiting time
• No hidden costs
• Large egg donor database
• High IVF success rate
• Providing customized quality care and fertility services
• 24/7 mobile availability and free Skype appointments
• Legality of egg/sperm and embryo donation
About the last one, if you’re interested in innovative techniques which increase the ICSI success rate, you could read our post on this topic. We discussed in detail about techniques and technologies that our embryologist in TebMedTourism, utilizes to get the best results!

Why do patients choose Tebmedtourism as the number one ICSI clinic?

In the previous paragraph, we explored all features that patients presented in their reviews as the main reasons for choosing different clinics in various countries!
Now it’s time to highlight the special characteristics which attract countless infertile couples to trust TebMedTourism.
The truth is that TEBMED definitely is not a legend or a myth but with full power and strongly tries to bring a smile to the faces of infertile couples.
Our doctors detect all aspects of infertility issues with scrutinization and, instead of wasting time and money, suggest the most appropriate method.
In addition to all of the previously mentioned characteristics, TebMedTourism has a precise focus on the following items:

1. Having the highest success rate, about 54%, fantastically more than the global average.
2. The most affordable cost is only $3,000 (including embryo freezing for 1 year and HA before ET).
3. Experienced specialists with more than 33 years of experience as gynecologist and more than 13 years as fertility specialists.
4. Utilizing innovative techniques & technologies (like centrifuging for PRP and sperm selecting).
5. Equipped with high-tech labs for genetic testing, including PGS/NGS/ PGT-A and karyotyping.
6. Supportive legal rules for surrogacy, egg/sperm/embryo donation and gender selection.
7. A huge donor database which is full of various donors.

What we offer?

We have taken every possible measure to ensure that your trip becomes an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life!
We understand the importance of creating memories that last a lifetime, and that’s why we have taken careful steps to make sure that your journey is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment you set foot on your trip, we will go above and beyond to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe, and happy every step of the way.
Whether it’s providing you with the best accommodations, preparing legal and detailed contracts, offering you unique medical services from genetic testing to applying the best and innovative techniques and technologies to access the highest ICSI success rate, or even simply helping you navigate your way around the destination, we are committed to making your trip the most memorable one yet.
So, after trusting us, sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything while you enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime medical adventure, which enshallah will lead to the best result, embracing your new healthy baby with an amazing feeling that cannot be described in words.

Can you recommend any ICSI clinics in Asia?

TebMedTourism regards learning science and knowledge and has a special emphasis on it, so our posts are full of science and knowledge! We ask a simple question about getting all information on scientific advances of our clinics, labs and doctors. Is it unusual that we recommend TEBMEDTOURISM as the best ICSI clinic in Asia?
If you’re not conceived, we have special and surprising news based on SJR! Could you imagine who is the third country in the embryology field, after USA and Russian Federation?!
Yes, your guess is true! Iran has third place in embryology by choosing the Scimago Journal & Country Rank. Who could be indifferent to this high place and super affordable price compared to the USA?!
By such a wise choice, you will invest finance, time and effort, so don’t hesitate to accelerate your action and fill out this form freely as soon as possible, Or click on Free consultation!

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Is always the best clinic, ICSI clinic near me?

Now it’s time to make a decision! Could you ignore all information mentioned in this post? Could you say that I want IVF ICSI near me? I want to close my eyes on a surprising future in front of me and my partner, which could come into action by tebmedtourism because of laziness!!! #Don’t be passive, Be patient!
There is a famous quote from an unknown person: “when there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller.” Wait until tomorrow is late. Now. Call us and get free consultation via WhatsApp at +989120985010!
Trusting a well-known company, especially one well-skilled in infertility treatments, is definitely better than trying your chance in your vicinity infertility centers and experiencing more than 2, 3 or 4 cycles!!!

Can you recommend any ICSI clinics that offer personalized care?

Of course we can do! Absolutely we’re thrilled to help but first, have you considered the features and characteristics necessary for successful ICSI journey and choosing the best ICSI clinic!
If you’re feeling curious, we highly recommend taking a look at our entire post! But, to give you a quick overview, here are the main points you should know:
• Calibrated instruments including incubators, centrifuges and etc.
• Quality of clinics
• Qualification of physicians
• High skill embryologist
• Using of up-to-date and innovative techniques like HA or Embryo Glue
• High quality of materials (which will be utilizing in each ICSI steps)
• High tech lab, equipped to genetic testing including PGD/PGS/NGS/PGT-A
• High tech microscopes like binocular microscope
• Clean rooms including laminar airflow (which removes particles as small as 0.3 micron and protect from cultivation environment.)

What are some factors to consider when choosing an ICSI clinic?


Several things must be considered before selecting an ICSI clinic. To begin, look into the clinic’s success rates, as this will give you a sense of their degree of knowledge and experience. You should also assess the doctors’ and staff’s qualifications and experience, as well as the services and treatments they provide.

Other the most important things to consider are the cost of ICSI process, and the availability of legal support and aftercare. But if you say please list for me, we have been prepared following list for you:


  1. High success rate
  2. Affordable cost
  3. Experienced specialists
  4. Equipped to the high-tech genetic labs PGS/NGS/ PGT-A and karyotyping
  5. Supportive legal rules for surrogacy and egg/sperm/embryo donation
  6. Big donor database + Fresh eggs
  7. Reviews in the internet

Which ICSI clinic has the highest success rate?

Yes, you got your finger where it belongs!

Your question is important, but starting with the factors contributing to a high success rate in IVF ICSI procedures may be useful. In other words, if you could visit a clinic, what factors would you consider when deciding if the ICSI clinic could have the highest ICSI success rate?

  • Calibrated instruments, including incubators, centrifuges, timelapse,
  • Quality of clinics
  • Qualification of physicians
  • High skill embryologist
  • Using up-to-date and innovative techniques like HA or Embryo Glue
  • High-quality materials (which will be utilized in each ICSI step)
  • High-tech lab, equipped with genetic testing including PGD/PGS/NGS/PGT-A
  • High-tech microscopes like the binocular microscope
  • Clean rooms, including laminar airflow (which removes particles as small as 0.3 microns and protects from the cultivation environment.)

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