How Much Does icsi cost In 2023

How much does ICSI cost in 2023?

Are you, as a couple who have been deprived of holding their child due to infertility problems, looking for ICSI costs?

Therefore, we can say that you have chosen the most correct article because in this blog post, we will examine the following in detail:

  • What is the average cost of ICSI by country? (With a table of prices)
  • Is ICSI covered by insurance?
  • Is ICSI more expensive than IVF?
  • How much is IVF with ICSI?
  • How much does it cost to do ICSI USA?

For up-to-date and complete answers to your questions about infertility treatments and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), stay tuned to read this post from TebMedTourism, a well-skilled and experienced agency. You won’t regret it!

The average cost of ICSI by country in 2023

To find out the cost of ICSI by country in 2023 and comparing ICSI costs for making smart decisions, stay with us until the end of this section to get all the info you need.


  • Canada:As you look through the various sites to compare prices and decide what actions to take, you will be overwhelmed by the huge number of factors, so you would need to consider them before you even start. The reality is that failure is always possible in the first IVF/ICSI cycle.The cost of ICSI treatment in Canada can range from $12,000 to $17,000 per cycle, depending on the clinic. Before making a decision, it’s important to look closely at the details of invoices and speak directly to the clinic about the cost. The reson is the final price estimation might exceed the budget you have set for the procedure.


  • North Cyprus:For couples considering ICSI treatment in North Cyprus, the cost can range from $3,500 to $5,200. The starting price is $3,500, but utilizing donor eggs or undergoing chromosome screening (only for PGD) could bring that up to $5,500 or $6,000. So, it is definitely very intellectual. To avoid financial shock for yourself, make sure in advance about ICSI costs in North Cyprus!


  • Turkey: Costs of ICSI treatment in Turkey can vary depending on the hospital and city, starting from $3,700 and ranging up to $7,000. This price includes just one cycle of embryo transfer. Certain hospitals can be as expensive as $10,000-$25,000 – it’s unclear why these places present such steep prices. Overall, it seems exploring your affordable options with a high success rate is not easy work! Because as the stars of doctors and hospitals rise, the ICSI treatment costs also increase!


  • Ukraine:Before the war, Ukraine was renowned for its excellent fertility treatments, especially in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). A glimpse at ICSI with all related processes in Ukraine could be helpful for comparison to other countries. In Ukraine, ICSI was available at a fraction of the price, only $1470 per cycle! With the addition of transvaginal puncture of the ovaries and embryo making, the total cost rose to $3751. If PGD is desired, based on the number of 5, 7, or 9 chromosomes, the final cost can exceed $7000!


  • Spain:Without a doubt, Spain is the priciest destination in Europe. Alongside the abundance of egg donors, hospitals with high standards turn Spain into the most expensive European ICSI destination. For a single own-egg IVF cycle, expect to pay $4,100 – $8,200; for an egg donation cycle, you should pay around $5,900 – $11,000.


  • Portugal:ICSI procedure cost in Portugal starts from $4,550 and in the case of egg donation will get to $8,000. It seems, Portugal boasts one of the most forward-thinking IVF/ICSI laws in Europe. All forms of assisted reproduction techniques (ART) are available to couples, single women, and female couples.The other option that outstands this country, among European countries, is that remarkable point is the fact that gamete donations are non-anonymous, which in some couples’ opinions, protects both children’s health and upholds human rights.


Due to the importance of the following three countries, we will examine the ICSI treatment cost in India, the USA, and Iran separately and in detail.

ICSI treatment cost Hindi


Infertility services in India are known for their affordability, with ICSI costing an estimated $3,400 – that’s just a fraction of what it would be in other countries! However, don’t forget the most important factor is the success rate. you can see in your research via reading clinics’ blogs that higher costs can often equate to a higher success rate in Indian clinics!

We understand the feeling of frustration when you’re unable to find all the information you need in one place, but don’t let it put you off your journey. Instead, focus on the success rate of fertility clinics based on the ages of you and your partner and any medical conditions you may have.

In another sense, Ultimately, the success rate should be the determining factor when making your decision about ICSI; with this knowledge, you can confidently pick the clinic that is most likely to be the best choice for you in another country!

How much does it cost to do ICSI USA?


The cost to complete in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in the United States will vary depending on your fertility clinic. Generally speaking, a single cycle of ICSI cost between $10,000 and $18,000. Factors such as medication, lab fees, and the number of attempts at fertilization can increase the cost.


ICSI cost in Iran


Don’t break the bank on fertility treatments – explore your options in Iran! Check out our breakdown of #ICSIcosts in #TebMedTourism. What’s your idea? Do you think that is only a social signal for attracting patients or a big part of reality?

In recent years, Iran has boasted of rapid progress in ART methods, especially IVF/ICSI. Professional embryologists, high-tech labs, top-notch medical care, and other significant options via ICSI treatments like complicated and advanced tests are all things a country can be proud of and are paving the way for successful fertility treatments.

ICSI in Iran by TebMedTourism is just $3,000 – an unbeatable value compared to other countries!

Get the legal protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve with ICSI IVF law. With non-anonymous egg and embryo donation, you can be sure of the origin of your future child. Gamete donation is completely transparent and regulated, plus you can have up to 3 to 4 IVF/ICSI cycles in your life due to your safety and health. And make your treatment into a vacation with an attractive touristic destination!


With TebMedTourism’s ICSI, say goodbye to IVF frustrations! Our success rate is above global averages, 21.57%. The secret of our success is in our accuracy in every stage of ICSI. Utilizing professional doctors and embryologists, clinics, and high-tech labs distinguishes and highlights us. On the other side, you can have peace of mind knowing your future baby will be healthy, thanks to our precise PGD/PGS/NGS and PGT-A tests.

Is ICSI covered by insurance?


ICSI is covered by insurance in some countries, especially where they face aging population problems. Due to the high and staggering cost of infertility treatment, many couples are looking for agencies abroad to provide them with insurance coverage. But in reality, infertility treatments similar to IVF, ICSI, and depending processes of treatments like:

  • Thawing cycles
  • Cryopreservation of spermatozoids
  • Testicular biopsies
  • Biopsy of embryos and ovarian tissue

Overall, ICSI, in most countries are not covered by insurance.


Is ICSI more expensive than IVF?


For answering this question, some information about IVF and ICSI will help you find out what causes the price difference.

In IVF or in vitro fertilization, an embryologist equipped with embryo scope could monitor the procedure of naturally penetrating a prepared sperm into the egg. Resulting embryos are outcomes of overnighting fertilization which needs 3 or 5 days to be placed in an incubator for development; Therefore, no special technique will be utilized in part of insemination in a petri dish (place of combining egg and sperm, spontaneously). Not using technological instrument lead to a cheaper price.

On the other side, we have intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), in which the selected sperm that is in the best character from the shape (normal morphology), viability, motility, and overall healthiest of sperm of the sample taken from the man will be injected into the egg by a needle. Obviously, utilizing highly technical fertility will change the final costs! According to data average cost of ICSI  is 25% more than IVF!


TebMedTourism’s approach


Let’s talk a little bit about the approach of TebMedTourism in this field. As we mentioned previously, ICSI due to utilizing technological instrument) in combing egg and sperm in the petri dish) is more expensive than IVF. ICSI with embryo freezing is 2,000$ and ICSI+ embryo transfer + embryo freezing is just $3,000.

In difference to other countries, our ICSI cost is the most affordable. Besides these, your embryos are stored frozen for one year.

If you demand that the embryos be kept for more years, you have to charge $150 each year!



Is IVF with ICSI more expensive?


TebMedTourism Company performs IVF with ICSI, though ‘IVF’ is used to appeal to the public. ‘IVF-ICSI’ is usually seen as one inseparable word from companies and clinics. It means TebMedTourism as a well-skilled company by utilizing ICSI (microinjection) method for only $3,000, which ensures that you and your partner receive the highest quality fertility care.

With TebMedTourism, you can have confidence that our specialized team of experienced fertility experts will guide you every step of the way to reach your goal of having a baby. For just $3,000, our IVF-ICSI program can help make your dream of having a baby a reality. We understand the journey can be stressful and difficult, but with our supportive and knowledgeable staff, you will have the guidance you need every step of the way. With our help, your future can be filled with a happy and healthy baby.


How much is IVF with ICSI?


Any treatment technique can be popular among people with different terms; for example, the first time microinjection method was used in 1992 for couples who were struggling with male infertility problems, and the IVF method did not work for them; So, the question of “How much is ICSI IVF cost?” appeared in the minds of people!

But it is important to mention that the IVF work process is different from ICSI. Fortunately, the cost of ICSI IVF does not differ much in the agencies that provide infertility services like TebMedTourism!

From another angle, especially in the US, the technical part (microinjection) is called ICSI and follows the path of embryo development and embryo transfer into the uterus called IVF! So, the cost of ICSI and IVF will amount to ($2,000 + 12,000) over $14,000!

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