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Risks of Hair Transplants

What are the potential side effects and complications?

Risks of Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is an extremely safe out-patient procedure that is normally without significant risks or complications.

However, as is the case in any surgery, there are risks, and these are always presented and discussed in detail at your personal consultation with our qualified surgeon.

There are some minor, temporary complications:

Temporary Thinning of pre-Existing Hair

Although rare, after the surgery some pre-existing hair can thin. The pre-existing hair will return to a normal, full condition within a few months of the surgery.

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Some bleeding is normal and will stop with simple pressure. Persistent bleeding occurs in about one in a few hundred cases. Additional stitching is rarely required.


Pain is usually rare and fairly minimal. Half of our patients do not require any pain relievers, and the others take Solpadeine or Panadol for a few days.

Risks of Hair Transplants


Some transient numbness is inevitable, usually in the donor area, and generally lasts from 3 to 18 weeks. It is rarely troublesome or long-lasting.


Hiccups may occur after surgery. The cause is not known, but hiccups seem to occur more frequently after hair transplantation than scalp reduction. The incidence of this complication is about 5%. It usually lasts several hours to several days.


Some itching commonly occurs but is rarely troublesome and lasts only a few days. Shampooing the hair daily will help the discomfort.


There is rarely any swelling. When there is, it can affect the forehead and the area around the eyes and last 1 to 2 days. In about 1% of cases, a “black eye” can develop.

Risks of Hair Transplants


This happens in one in several thousand cases and is easily treated with antibiotics.


Keloid scarring occurs only in pre-disposed individuals, and even more rarely (one in one thousand cases) this scarring can cause a ridging effect.


One or more cysts may occur in the recipient area when many grafts have been inserted. They usually disappear by themselves after a few weeks or immediately with various simple treatments. They are usually no more than 2 or 3mm in diameter, i.e., the size of small pimples.

Risks of Hair Transplants

Is there any scarring?

Whenever human skin is cut, it heals by a process called “fibrosis”. This fibrosis (commonly known as scarring) is the skin’s way of mending itself. The healing sites in the transplanted areas are usually so small that the fibrosis is virtually undetectable. Hair transplantation procedures are designed to produce a very natural look. In the great majority of cases, the microtechnologies currently used by Hair Restoration Blackrock make the restored hairline virtually undetectable.

Risks of Hair Transplants

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Risks or side effects of a hair transplant – an overview

Like any surgical procedure, a hair transplant involves certain risks. But with the right specialist at your side, they can be kept as minimal as possible. In addition, the risks and side effects of a hair transplant are considered to be relatively low compared to other surgical procedures.
Here is an overview of the possible risks associated with a hair transplant(more…).

When is a hair transplant useful?

Is it worth it to take the minimal risks of a well-performed hair transplant? Basically yes. But this depends on what form of hair loss you are affected by and whether it can be combated with a hair transplant.
If your hair loss has pathological causes, such as stress or a lack of nutrients, it is best to visit your dermatologist. In this case, the cause of the hair loss must be found and combated. Under certain circumstances, you can avoid further hair loss.

Risks of Hair Transplants

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Hair transplantation in Iran

When compared with other countries I can say that Iran would be one of the best destinations in terms of hair transplant surgery.

You Can Have your Hair Back at Affordable Prices

Hair transplant operations are rather affordable in comparison to other countries. In Europe and in the US, you need a budget of $7000 – $25000 (depending on several factors), and yet in Iran, you need a budget around 1000$ for your hair transplant operation.

No Need to Wait for an Appointment

In many other countries, because of the lack of hair transplant surgery teams, you need to wait for long periods to make an appointment for your hair transplant, and schedule your hair transplant for a later date. In Iran, you can make an appointment for your hair transplant for an approaching date, and have your hair back very soon.

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You Can Enjoy Being in a Fun City as a Tourist

  • Tehran has many historical, cultural, and social attractions.
  • You can enjoy new tastes from one of the richest cuisines in the world.
  • We believe you will want to visit Iran again

Many people each year travel to Iran for hair transplantation. Based on the reports, Iran is changing to one of the leading countries for this popular surgery. But what makes it so popular to have a hair transplant in Iran?

Actually, the main reasons to choose hair transplant in Iran are two factors: low-cost hair transplant and high-quality operations and surgeons.

Which Iran City to choose for hair transplant in Iran?

As mentioned before, most big cities in Iran have this cosmetic surgery, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Mashhad. But Tehran has always considered the poles of surgeries in Iran, with its professional doctors. Many patients from countries around Iran, Arabian countries and all over the world visit this city each year to do their hair transplant in Iran.

Many of these visitors decide to have touristic fun after their surgery. So after resting, they choose an Iran tour and visit any places they like in Iran. If you are one of them, just take a look at our Service (more…).

Now that you know all you need about hair transplant in Iran, you can ask us to connect you with the best surgeons in Iran. If you have any requests, questions or suggestions, please feel free quote to contact us.

Travel to Iran with peace of mind and have your hair transplant here.

Examples of Hair Transplant in Iran

Bariatric Surgery , Weight Loss Surgery in Iran

Note: Due to the latest Iran’s currency devaluation, now high quality medical services are available at much affordable prices.

In comparison to countries in Europe, the US or any other industrialized and developed areas in the world, Iran has the best Iran transplant cost. As you may know, Iran is in an economic situation that makes the currency exchange rate so high for its locals, but so cheap for the foreigners. And this makes it the best time to travel to Iran.

As the rates change so soon these days and get cheaper for you, you have to contact us to get informed about the day prices of currency and thus, hair transplant cost. So please feel free quote to contact our Iran travel agent. We are always ready to answer you.

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Hair Transplant (Synthetic FIT±FUT)

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