Tonsillectomy is an operation to eliminate the tonsils. It was once performed to treat tonsillitis, but today is also performed to treat breathing disorders associated with breathing. This surgery, despite common beliefs, does not reduce the immune system of the body and can be very helpful in most cases.

The tonsils and adenoid

Tonsils are two clusters of tissues that are located on both sides of the throat. They are embedded at the palate (the mouth roof) side. When you eat or drink, the throat muscles push the tonsils together, therefore small particles of food may lodge in the crypts of the tonsils. These particles may lead to infection of tonsils.

Adenoid is a single cluster of tissue in the nasopharynx (back of the nose) located at the pharynx.


Tonsils and adenoid Function

The tonsils and adenoid are equipped with lymphoid tissue. This tissue is found on the base of the tongue and through the respiratory tract. Lymphoid tissue is made of lymphocytes which produce antibodies.


It seems that tonsils and adenoid do not handle some viral infections that happen in children in an urban population (where the children are not exposed to a large number of other people who carry the germs). However, they deal with special types of infections including worms and other parasites that are almost uncommon nowadays.

Clearly, despite some beliefs, the immune system may improve after the diseased adenoids and tonsils are removed.

When tonsillectomy is necessary?

  1. Tonsils and adenoid problems affect the children’s sleep

These tissues are sometimes larger than usual and interfere with breathing. It can cause a serious health condition called sleep apnea. One of the symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring at least four nights a week.

  1. Tonsils and adenoid problems cause recurring throat infections

Though tonsils keep bacteria and viruses out they can get infected themselves, as they are sometimes overwhelmed.

Tonsils removal may be necessary if the child has frequent throat infections (six to seven episodes per year) that include a fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Other reasons include:

  • Blockage of the nose and throat
  • White debris in tonsils
  • Unusual enlargement or appearance

Tonsillectomy Procedure

The procedure is done under general anesthesia, so the child is given a mixture of gas and an intravenous medication. He/she will be continuously monitored by a pulse oximeter and heart rate monitor. There will be no external incisions. When the anesthetic takes effect the doctor cuts the tonsils with a surgical blade and removes them through the mouth. Then she/he burns (cauterize) the base with an electrical cauterizing unit. This procedure takes less than 60 minutes.



Like any other surgery, this operation may have some risks, such as:

Reaction to anesthesia

Medications used for anesthesia may lead to some short term minor problems such as vomiting, headache or muscle soreness. Though it barely happens general anesthesia has a risk of death.



Tonsillectomy may result in swelling of tongue and soft palate. These side effects can cause breathing problems especially in the first few hours.

Bleeding during the surgery

If severe bleeding happens, additional treatment is required.

Bleeding during recovery

This happens especially if the wound scab is dislodged too soon.

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